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The Interplay of “Sight,” “Sound,” and “Spirit”

The Interplay of “Sight,” “Sound,” and “Spirit”

"Afinando," by Omar Turcios.
Comparing occurrences of the words "sight," "sound," and "spirit" in published books.

Comparing occurrences of the words “sight,” “sound,” and “spirit” in published books.

Interesting to compare the number of times that the words “sight,” “sound,” and “spirit” appear in published English-language books over the centuries. They’re all pretty tight until 1800, when “spirit” jumped way ahead, peaking around 1850. In contrast, for the entire 19th century, “sight” and “sound” held…

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cover art for StarScribe
Continuing to experiment with Logic Pro X on my new used iMac Core i7. This track utilizes three tracks of Applied Acoustics’ Chromaphone (the plucky parts panned left and right, and the high chimey bells) and one track of Sculpture (the sustained pad).

Based on an improvisation played on my little 2-octave Novation X-Station triggering the Chromaphone bells, then edited to maximize…

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I have been a fan of Steve Roach for almost thirty years now. And in all that time, I have found few who can match the depth, beauty, and power of his spacemusic. John Serrie is one. And I just discovered Telomere (Christopher MacDonald). Telomere’s four albums are each masterpieces of the spacemusic genre: timeless, hypnotizing, gorgeous, vast, living, organic, and wholly original. The more I listen to these four albums, the readier I am for death, for my passing from this plane into the next.

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